MICKJP  has been painting for many years
Wither he has been in charge of  L'ATELIER DU RUISSEAU  since  1997

He finds his themes in the course of his numerous journeys,drawing or filming
Here a scene,there a landscape.....

His works have been exhibited in many shows and exhibitions
               ( in Paris,the provinces,the united states)

Looking at the sky as sailors the sea,handling the paint as the sculptor the
Stone,playing with the transience of the light,seuzing the moment.

Recouting a scene according to the mood of the day with a perfect harmony
Of colours,creating sympathy with the looker-on,making him wish to enter the painter's universe,feeling soothed at the completion of the painting and sharing one's peace.

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     My e-mail is : mickjp@orange.fr

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